Key to Victory

To change the world, we need to rebuild our local communities.

To do this, first and foremost we must find practical ways of helping one another. If this is done correctly, not only will it be the right thing to do but also it will make possible the development of new social relationships, local neighbourhood capacities and possibilities.

Even better than this again would be if we managed to join up our local efforts to make a recognisable, social movement.  Not only would we be doing the right thing but at the same time we would also be showing the wider world that ‘there is a real alternative’.

We would need to avoid all political and religious ideology and slogans (which are invariably divisive and counterproductive) staying independent of existing structures and instead concentrate 100% and in a very practical way on how best to support one another as human beings, both locally and in a wider global sense.

We would however also need shared, accessible symbols and a commitment to regular public activities to reflect the values we uphold, produce a public profile and, in time, facilitate a conscious connecting up of humanity, both within and between the many communities.